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You have some interesting sounds here. I'm listening for a strong melody, but all I can really hear is noise. I like the distorted synth sound, but I'm not sure I would use it as the main sound. It's too overpowering. I like the panning though.

The song starts to pick up a little around the 0:25 mark, but the sounds are so mushed together that it makes it hard to listen to. I can hear what sounds like maybe a kick, but with no other percussion, it gets pulled behind the rest of the track to a point that I'm not even sure I hear it anymore.

Again, I like the distortion, but I would definitely add some sort of soft synth with it to keep it from sounding like way too muddy and distracting, and consider adding a strong percussion line.

Could use some improvements

I like the intro as it's very calming and I really like the panning effects. I'm not sure about the sounds at 0:05 though. They seem kind of weird.

The song has a very promising sound to start with, but it gets repetitive very quickly. I love the synth that starts hitting at 0:22. The break at 0:51 is a nice change, but the melody almost feels too random, and the background noises don't help much. The drums seem to have a weird rhythm that's hard for me to follow. Maybe more of a constant pattern would be better here.

1:21 brings back in the weird sounds, but the transition seems to work a little better here. Going back to the first rhythm is actually a really good idea. It flows back very well. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the whining synth in my left ear. It sounds completely out of place and a little flat to me.

I like the flow through the rest of the song, and it ending with the synth delaying out. It also loops really well which is a plus.

Overall, not terrible, but could use some improvements.

LittleMoreRain responds:

Thanks for the comment and the advice ^^
I'm aware I'm not quite "there" yet, but I'm trying to improve a little by little. Frankly though, the song is supposed to sound a bit weird.

Okay track, needs a lot better mixing.

I think you have a great track here, but your mixing needs a lot of work. Your guitars are good, but they are completely drowned out by the drums. In fact, everything is overpowered by the snare specifically. I love a good, powerful, tight snare, but it has to blend in with the rest of the music, not punch you in the face and make you wish it wasn't there. Not to mention that the guitars sound like they're clipping at some points.

The intro is okay, nothing that really grabs my attention. All the instruments seem a little random and I can't quite put my finger on the rhythm. But this is metal, so I guess it fits there. The switch to the fast, trilling guitars at 0:25 is a nice break from the random, and the break at 0:51 is beautiful. That's a nice lick.

The little solo at 3:23 sounds flat, and the guitars leading up to that point are clipping really bad. The piano brake is okay. The transition is not great, but the piano line itself is nice. But then the quick switch back to the metal at 3:37 doesn't fit at all. The cutout at 3:57 sounds forced as well, like you just cut off all the instruments, which leads to pure silence before bringing in the piano hard. There's no real piano build up that leads into the outro, making it sound like you just took part of a piano line and just stuck it at the end. This makes it sound very choppy.

The outro is very nice though. It sounds great and the pianist is very good. I think I can still hear some clipping though.

Nothing really stands out musically throughout the track, and that's mostly a result of not being able to hear the guitars very well at all. Even just turning down the snare would do a world of wonders for this track. Just keep working on your mixing.

Not horrible...

I personally wouldn't call most of this song Dance, but that's just me. The last 10 seconds or so sound like Dance.

The first 6 seconds are promising, but then the pad comes in and it sounds so...weird I guess. At 0:14 the melody comes in and I don't think it fits at all. It almost sounds flat when played with the pad. On the other hand, you have a really good build up.

Maybe if you tried taking the pad out, or replacing it with something a lot less "messy" you might have something decent here. Not a terrible start though. Keep working on it.

hkhelmut responds:

thanks for the comment i'm just learning this stuff so every bit helps :)

I love 3xOsc

Your intro is neat. I like the beginning synth very much, but your second one is so soft compared to the intro that it just gets lost. I love the pickup at 0:38. This song feels so heavy and dark, which is a good thing.

Your percussion is alright, and I like how strong it is, but I feel like it could be even more powerful, to keep up with the bass a little better.

The outro is very awkward. The song just stops. Maybe try fading the song out at the end, or ending on the first note.

This is a great tune though. I love it!

Parkerman1700 responds:

Hahaha, yeah, the ending does just stop, it's not finished.

But your advice is very helpful, I'll use it if I want to finish this song.


Not bad

The intro is okay, but I'm really not a huge fan of the guitar. It sounds way too light and lost in the mix, especially in the intro. I love the use of the stutter throughout. Very Linkin Park-esque. The lyrics are okay, but come across as a little cheesy They actually remind me of the lyrics from "Points of Authority" by, well, Linkin Park.

The vocals are pretty good and sound like the lead singer from Syrus. The song is obviously way too short, and I hope that this is just like a teaser. I'd love to hear a full length version of this song if you've got it.

Great work!

Good start. I like the piano at the beginning and the way it leads into the drums/rhythm. I'm not a fan of the transition right at 0:49. The sudden stop kinda kills the mood a little bit, almost like the first 45 secs should just be an interlude. The buildup afterward though is very nice. The stop at 1:45 is a little awkward and feels forced.

The lead here at 1:45 though is very nice and kinda creepy. It builds right back up, which fits rather well with the whole tune of the song. I like how powerful the drums feel throughout. I'm really not a huge fan of the way the song keeps stopping and rebuilding up. Every time I really start to get into the track, it starts over, making it feel a little random.

The piano at 3:27 is just a little too crazy for my taste, but the ending is nice. I also don't like how the ending cuts off like that. It should hold off a little longer so that the notes can ring out.

Overall, not a bad track at all! I'm just not a huge fan of the random stops and start ups throughout. But a 9/10 5/5 nonetheless!

Box-Killa responds:

lol, get used to it, classical music can be like that you know.

Very nice

It sounds like you have way too much reverb on the piano for my liking at first. I wish it would start out a little less and bring the reverb in a little gradually, rather then sounding like it starts off in a cave.

But don't get me wrong. This track is sweet. I love the piano work and the other synths that back it up. Great work all around!

Isoken responds:

Thanks so much for your review! Your idea of gradually increasing the reverb is actually pretty good, and I'm wondering why I hadn't thought of it before. Ideally, I would change that now, but since I was using the trial version of FL, it's gone. I had to restart my PC for windows updates :(

Stronger Melody

What I really like about this song is the feel of the rhythm. It flows really nice between chords and I like the groove feel of the bass. The way the drums kick in really grabs my attention, especially the glitch right at 0:28. I like that a lot.

You could really benefit from at least one more instrument though. Right now I hear an arp, some sound effects, bass, drums, and a really weak melody. I'd take the melody and really emphasize it with at least two more instruments; one playing the melody and the other messing around with harmonics.

I would also consider adding some length, since 1 1/4 minutes just seems a little short to me. Otherwise, great track man! Keep up the awesome work!

Very Chilling

What a nice laid back track. I feel very relaxed while listening to this, and I really enjoy the instrument choices. I do wish that it was longer though. You could really turn this into something good, but it ends way too early. The fade at the end is a little weird too, since it's so quick. Not a bad track though. I'd like to hear more like this.

What's going on? I am freakin' out! I'm always up for reviewing something, so if you want me to check out your stuff just drop me a PM.

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