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Not Bad

I'm not a huge fan of the animation style, but it kinda worked for what I think you were aiming for. The voice acting was halfway decent, but still not quite there. Lois' voice was very close, and I could actually hear the Stewie pretty well. The only voice I think didn't work very well was Peter, but that's what made it funny.

I wasn't too impressed with the jokes themselves, but the animation reminded me a lot of some of those Saturday Night Live cartoons. Not a bad cartoon, I must say.

RightArmProductions responds:

Thank for the fair review. I pretty much agree with much of what you wrote.

Not Bad

Well, the graphics are pretty good, but the animation itself is just okay. The whole feel of the movie is very "cutesy", but not something that I really got into. I was waiting for something to happen, maybe some sort of storyline to unfold, but the movie just stops at a random spot.

Now, a storyline itself really isn't that important, but I have no idea what was supposed to be happening in this movie. Why are they just falling through space, when just a few seconds ago they were walking on the ground? Which one's Bit and which one's Tiny? Or is this just a title that has no relevence to the movie whatsoever? But like I said, it's really not that important, but it does help keep the viewer interested.

Not bad, and I wish you luck on future animations.


I have to say that this movie clearly looks like it was done completely in MS Paint, which is not a good thing. Graphically, this movie is just not very appealing to the eyes at all. The animation itself was very minimal and not very impressive at all.

The jokes were mediocre, and I felt that they were definitely forced. Not to mention the sound was horrible. Several times the sound came across as very scratchy and actually hurt my ears. I can understand if you can't afford a good mic, but very simple mixing and even just proper mic placement can easily end in much better results.

It feels to me like you were focusing on purposely doing bad jokes, and that's the joke in itself, but the end product just didn't cut it for me. Keep working on it though.

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Instructions would be nice

I spent the first 5 minutes or so trying to figure out what was going on, since I pressed the left key and the square moved to the left, but it wouldn't move any other direction. I finally figured out that it's "w a s d" to move. You should probably mention that somewhere, even if it's just in the author comments.

Along the same lines as that, if you don't move immediately, then you die, since a square comes out of the left and hits you right at the beginning. This makes it very frustrating when you're still trying to figure out the controls.

I also found the music to be very annoying. An instrumental would have been nice, instead of someone screaming at me the whole time.

The game play is okay - nothing new or exciting really, but once I got the hang of how to do it, it was fairly easy. Being your first flash game, I won't criticize you too much on this though.

Overall, not terrible, but not too amazing either.

I spent way too long on this game

Not to review it.

Where to start? Okay first off, I love the graphics and the sound. Each gun sounds realistic and believable, and the syncing is great. (You wouldn't believe how many games I've played where the sound is horribly out of sync.) The animation is refreshingly smooth and looks really good. I actually like the fact that there's no music. It makes the game sound and feel more like a shooting range. Just to be a little nit-picky, the "Peacemaker" gun doesn't have the "black" or the "skeleton" hand color schemes. Not a big deal but it just doesn't fit with the rest of the hands.

I'll admit that I did not like how all the guns are on the right hand side of the screen during play. It messes with my head and I feel like all the guns should be on the left. But, I quickly got used to it and it turned out to be okay.

The gun choices are great. You have such a good selection that I never really got bored with the game. I beat the campaign mode a little too quickly though. I think the gun choices were a little too good for it. I would try a level with one gun, fail miserably, then pick a different gun and win it very easily. Not that that's bad, it just felt too easy. The challenges are where the game play's at. Each challenge was different from the last one that I just had to keep unlocking guns to see them all. And they were just that: challenging. Some took me only one try to complete while others took me too many. I got frustrated, but only to the point where I just wanted to try one more time. Then one more time. Then one more, until I finally beat it. That's what makes a good game.

I do have to complain about the heavy CPU usage though. Every time I start the game, it runs so smoothly, but after a while it starts dragging my computer to a point that I can barely move the mouse. Once I refresh the page though, it works fine again. Dropping the quality and bullet count seems to help, but only for a while. (But it may just be my computer...)

Overall, this is a great game. I spent a lot of time on this one (long enough to get all the medals, including "Gun Addict"). Highly recommended for anyone who likes guns. 5/5, 10/10

Few Pointers

Not a bad start, but a there are a few major flaws. First of all, sound would be nice, but it's not that important for a pilot. The health bar/lives/score should be in front of the background, not behind it. Also, I found a glitch where I fell off the side of a platform and lost a little bit of life, but I kept respawning right below the edge where there is no platform and kept falling until my life was drained. Then, it went to my second life and just drained it. When I pressed the key to move right, everything disappeared and the game froze.

But like I said, not a bad start. Just keep working on it and fix that major glitch there.

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You have some interesting sounds here. I'm listening for a strong melody, but all I can really hear is noise. I like the distorted synth sound, but I'm not sure I would use it as the main sound. It's too overpowering. I like the panning though.

The song starts to pick up a little around the 0:25 mark, but the sounds are so mushed together that it makes it hard to listen to. I can hear what sounds like maybe a kick, but with no other percussion, it gets pulled behind the rest of the track to a point that I'm not even sure I hear it anymore.

Again, I like the distortion, but I would definitely add some sort of soft synth with it to keep it from sounding like way too muddy and distracting, and consider adding a strong percussion line.

Could use some improvements

I like the intro as it's very calming and I really like the panning effects. I'm not sure about the sounds at 0:05 though. They seem kind of weird.

The song has a very promising sound to start with, but it gets repetitive very quickly. I love the synth that starts hitting at 0:22. The break at 0:51 is a nice change, but the melody almost feels too random, and the background noises don't help much. The drums seem to have a weird rhythm that's hard for me to follow. Maybe more of a constant pattern would be better here.

1:21 brings back in the weird sounds, but the transition seems to work a little better here. Going back to the first rhythm is actually a really good idea. It flows back very well. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the whining synth in my left ear. It sounds completely out of place and a little flat to me.

I like the flow through the rest of the song, and it ending with the synth delaying out. It also loops really well which is a plus.

Overall, not terrible, but could use some improvements.

LittleMoreRain responds:

Thanks for the comment and the advice ^^
I'm aware I'm not quite "there" yet, but I'm trying to improve a little by little. Frankly though, the song is supposed to sound a bit weird.

Okay track, needs a lot better mixing.

I think you have a great track here, but your mixing needs a lot of work. Your guitars are good, but they are completely drowned out by the drums. In fact, everything is overpowered by the snare specifically. I love a good, powerful, tight snare, but it has to blend in with the rest of the music, not punch you in the face and make you wish it wasn't there. Not to mention that the guitars sound like they're clipping at some points.

The intro is okay, nothing that really grabs my attention. All the instruments seem a little random and I can't quite put my finger on the rhythm. But this is metal, so I guess it fits there. The switch to the fast, trilling guitars at 0:25 is a nice break from the random, and the break at 0:51 is beautiful. That's a nice lick.

The little solo at 3:23 sounds flat, and the guitars leading up to that point are clipping really bad. The piano brake is okay. The transition is not great, but the piano line itself is nice. But then the quick switch back to the metal at 3:37 doesn't fit at all. The cutout at 3:57 sounds forced as well, like you just cut off all the instruments, which leads to pure silence before bringing in the piano hard. There's no real piano build up that leads into the outro, making it sound like you just took part of a piano line and just stuck it at the end. This makes it sound very choppy.

The outro is very nice though. It sounds great and the pianist is very good. I think I can still hear some clipping though.

Nothing really stands out musically throughout the track, and that's mostly a result of not being able to hear the guitars very well at all. Even just turning down the snare would do a world of wonders for this track. Just keep working on your mixing.

What's going on? I am freakin' out! I'm always up for reviewing something, so if you want me to check out your stuff just drop me a PM.

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