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Instructions would be nice

I spent the first 5 minutes or so trying to figure out what was going on, since I pressed the left key and the square moved to the left, but it wouldn't move any other direction. I finally figured out that it's "w a s d" to move. You should probably mention that somewhere, even if it's just in the author comments.

Along the same lines as that, if you don't move immediately, then you die, since a square comes out of the left and hits you right at the beginning. This makes it very frustrating when you're still trying to figure out the controls.

I also found the music to be very annoying. An instrumental would have been nice, instead of someone screaming at me the whole time.

The game play is okay - nothing new or exciting really, but once I got the hang of how to do it, it was fairly easy. Being your first flash game, I won't criticize you too much on this though.

Overall, not terrible, but not too amazing either.

I spent way too long on this game

Not to review it.

Where to start? Okay first off, I love the graphics and the sound. Each gun sounds realistic and believable, and the syncing is great. (You wouldn't believe how many games I've played where the sound is horribly out of sync.) The animation is refreshingly smooth and looks really good. I actually like the fact that there's no music. It makes the game sound and feel more like a shooting range. Just to be a little nit-picky, the "Peacemaker" gun doesn't have the "black" or the "skeleton" hand color schemes. Not a big deal but it just doesn't fit with the rest of the hands.

I'll admit that I did not like how all the guns are on the right hand side of the screen during play. It messes with my head and I feel like all the guns should be on the left. But, I quickly got used to it and it turned out to be okay.

The gun choices are great. You have such a good selection that I never really got bored with the game. I beat the campaign mode a little too quickly though. I think the gun choices were a little too good for it. I would try a level with one gun, fail miserably, then pick a different gun and win it very easily. Not that that's bad, it just felt too easy. The challenges are where the game play's at. Each challenge was different from the last one that I just had to keep unlocking guns to see them all. And they were just that: challenging. Some took me only one try to complete while others took me too many. I got frustrated, but only to the point where I just wanted to try one more time. Then one more time. Then one more, until I finally beat it. That's what makes a good game.

I do have to complain about the heavy CPU usage though. Every time I start the game, it runs so smoothly, but after a while it starts dragging my computer to a point that I can barely move the mouse. Once I refresh the page though, it works fine again. Dropping the quality and bullet count seems to help, but only for a while. (But it may just be my computer...)

Overall, this is a great game. I spent a lot of time on this one (long enough to get all the medals, including "Gun Addict"). Highly recommended for anyone who likes guns. 5/5, 10/10

Few Pointers

Not a bad start, but a there are a few major flaws. First of all, sound would be nice, but it's not that important for a pilot. The health bar/lives/score should be in front of the background, not behind it. Also, I found a glitch where I fell off the side of a platform and lost a little bit of life, but I kept respawning right below the edge where there is no platform and kept falling until my life was drained. Then, it went to my second life and just drained it. When I pressed the key to move right, everything disappeared and the game froze.

But like I said, not a bad start. Just keep working on it and fix that major glitch there.

Not Bad

There's really nothing much to this game though. The background is very plain and rather boring. I'd like to see some sort of animation when you hit the bubbles, like make them explode somehow. Not bad though.

Very Addictive

First off, I have to say that I've spent way too long playing this game. I really enjoyed the game play and the graphics are awesome!

What I liked most in this game is how much it feels like a simple internet golf game, but with a nice little spin to it. The orbit features are very nice and some levels are just tricky enough to make me spend way too long on them. Trying to get gold on every level was nice and challenging, without being too hard.

The music was nice at first, but after just a few minutes, it started to get really annoying. It would have been nice to hear a different song, or maybe a playlist to flip through.

Overall, the game is very addictive and like I said, I spent way too much time on it, but it was worth it. A well deserved 10.

Neat concept

I really like the idea, but some of the levels are just way too hard with a mouse pad. For example the starshine level. I just can't do it with my laptop at all. Great game otherwise.

Neat little game

I'd like to see more "plummeting" though. Most of the game is landing, then falling, then landing again. I liked it when I was falling for several seconds at a time. Maybe if you start by falling, and then work up to more and more platforms. Great game though. Nice work!

9 Hours

I just spent the last 9 hours unlocking all 7 achievements. Awesome. I don't know why people are saying this game is impossible. It is very challenging, but very possible. One of the best games I've played online. I'd love to see a sequel. Great work on an awesome game!

Not too bad

Overall, the game is pretty good, but I would like to see some health. It's kind of a pain to constantly restart cause I touched a wall wrong, or I jumped in the wrong place. Also, the camera needs to be pulled back a little. I had some trouble at first trying to figure out where to go because I couldn't see where anything was.

Not too bad for your first game though. I rather enjoyed it!

One of my favorites

I usually don't care too much for this style of game, but this is one exception. Probably the most addictive game I have ever played. Nice work.

What's going on? I am freakin' out! I'm always up for reviewing something, so if you want me to check out your stuff just drop me a PM.

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