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Not Bad

I'm not a huge fan of the animation style, but it kinda worked for what I think you were aiming for. The voice acting was halfway decent, but still not quite there. Lois' voice was very close, and I could actually hear the Stewie pretty well. The only voice I think didn't work very well was Peter, but that's what made it funny.

I wasn't too impressed with the jokes themselves, but the animation reminded me a lot of some of those Saturday Night Live cartoons. Not a bad cartoon, I must say.

RightArmProductions responds:

Thank for the fair review. I pretty much agree with much of what you wrote.

Not Bad

Well, the graphics are pretty good, but the animation itself is just okay. The whole feel of the movie is very "cutesy", but not something that I really got into. I was waiting for something to happen, maybe some sort of storyline to unfold, but the movie just stops at a random spot.

Now, a storyline itself really isn't that important, but I have no idea what was supposed to be happening in this movie. Why are they just falling through space, when just a few seconds ago they were walking on the ground? Which one's Bit and which one's Tiny? Or is this just a title that has no relevence to the movie whatsoever? But like I said, it's really not that important, but it does help keep the viewer interested.

Not bad, and I wish you luck on future animations.


I have to say that this movie clearly looks like it was done completely in MS Paint, which is not a good thing. Graphically, this movie is just not very appealing to the eyes at all. The animation itself was very minimal and not very impressive at all.

The jokes were mediocre, and I felt that they were definitely forced. Not to mention the sound was horrible. Several times the sound came across as very scratchy and actually hurt my ears. I can understand if you can't afford a good mic, but very simple mixing and even just proper mic placement can easily end in much better results.

It feels to me like you were focusing on purposely doing bad jokes, and that's the joke in itself, but the end product just didn't cut it for me. Keep working on it though.


I can totally relate to this video. I've spent hours upon hours following tutorials and copy/pasting script into flash, and I end up just giving up. This made me laugh so hard.

Maybe one day we'll figure it out...

ForNoReason responds:

Maybe one day indeed... thank you sir.

Unoriginal and unfunny

Where to start... First of all, the one thing that bugged me the most about this flash was the fact you used Knox's klaymen. That's where I get the "unoriginal" from. Claymations are neat and fun to do, but they won't be appreciated if you copy someone else's character design.

Second, from what I can hear of the audio, it's scratched up and hard to understand. Plus you're speaking way too fast and I can't follow what's going on. I'm not even sure what the jokes were supposed to be because it happened so quickly.

Fix these things, and you might be a decent animator someday.

I really enjoyed that.

A neat concept and it kept my interested. Nice work.

I showed this to my fiance

and now she won't stop singing it! Which is fine with me 'cause the song is awesome! Loved every second of it!

Way too short

and there's very little animation. But what was animated wasn't horrible, so I'll give you a two.

Work on your length and maybe a storyline, not just some quick movement.

OrangeXrush responds:

Alright man thanks for the criticism! Seriosly tho that wasnt sarcasm im glad u gave me criticism instead of shit


I'm gonna give you a zero for this one. The movie was over 3 seconds after I pressed play, and I couldn't tell what was going on. The screen shook violently and made me a little nauseous. Please spend more time on your animations before you submit them.

1sauber1 responds:

I'm sorry you can't understand humor.


I actually like the old movie style you did with the text. Can't say I was a huge fan of the animation style, but it was original. Great work!

MarsYam responds:

I do realise the animation was pretty simplistic (and I guess that is why you're no fan of it), but it was really my purpose to make the movie simple.

What's going on? I am freakin' out! I'm always up for reviewing something, so if you want me to check out your stuff just drop me a PM.

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